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Xempli is an employee behaviour management platform bank leaders use to understand and engage teams at a deeper level, and prevent future scandals.

Why Xempli?

Strengthen team culture, judgement and sense of ownership

Failures happen when rules and processes are complicated, conflicted or when employees follow them blindly.

Xempli uses story-telling to cut through the noise enabling leaders to focus minds on the important things. As team members follow a story, they tackle scenarios by making choices, and discuss the pros and cons with their team mates. The result: more of your people make better choices more consistently.

Use data on mindsets to prevent future scandals

Good leaders don’t assume their people will do the right thing just because they have attended training.

Xempli captures the choices people make to give leaders the fact base to identify where conduct risks lie and what to do about it.

Benchmark progress to safeguard your career, your reputation, and your team

Incidence reports tell you about problems that have already taken place. Risk reports give you quasi-subjective ratings. Status reports show you progress of compliance initiatives. After all this reading, can you be sure of better outcomes?

Xempli gives you a clearer picture of where you stand. It enables you to quantify non-financial risk, benchmark your team’s progress over time and evidence the effectiveness of major investments.

“As you go through the weekly journey, you start to see how the conversations you had in one week relate to another week, and you start to build a narrative of what is good behaviour and what is not.”
David Mynott, People Leader, Westpac

Agile Workshop for Executives 

Powered by Xempli, Kearney’s Executive Workshop is designed to help leaders make an impact under pressure and innovate under uncertainty.

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