Teams that talk together, perform together

Xempli gets teams talking about moments of truth in customer service.  

Here are five sample scenarios from our program.

Get your team talking

Grab 20 minutes at your next team meeting, and watch these scenarios together.  

  • Your team will become better prepared when they face similar scenarios in real life
  • It’s a safe way to gauge your team’s strengths and improvement opportunity

Scenario #1

People working in customer service should go out of their way to help customers. This sounds good in theory, but it isn’t always possible…

Scenario #2

Should Franklin give assurances to a customer knowing that it is not in his control?

Scenario #3

Customers can be difficult. Sometimes you get stuck with no options but to let them down. What do you do?

Scenario #4

What happens when a subordinate calls out the elephant in the room…

Scenario #5

When you’re unable to grant a customer’s request, how do you avoid saying “No”?

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