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Scandals costs 20 major banks £264bn over five years in fines and compensation

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Powered by Behavioural Science 

Xempli applies the biggest ideas in neuroscience and behavioural economics to give your team an edge: better group dynamics and greater productivity.


Xempli strengthens brain functions responsible for essential skills such as empathy and judgement.

Cognitive Flexibility

Scenarios crystalise what ‘unacceptable’ looks like—making it harder to rationalise poor behaviour.

Spaced Repetition

Short, sharp sessions delivered over a long period of time forms neuro-pathways for permanent change.

Ego Depletion

Through practice the right thing do happens more often, not just on the good days.

The Whole Brain

Feel, hear, see and choose—Xempli opens up the entire brain to key messages.

Herding Instinct

Xempli calibrates group norms to gel people towards the right behaviour.

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