RDP Skills

Customer Focus

  • Taking ownership of customer outcomes
  • Increasing empathy – closing the “psychological distance”
  • Being curious of unstated needs and being proactive


  • Knowing when to escalate issues (and not just follow policy and processes blindly)
  • Seeing consequences and outside four walls


  • Being mindful of “hot” states
  • Developing a stronger sense of purpose
  • Mitigate rationalisation of bad behaviour (i.e. excuse making)


  • Building a more supportive team culture
  • Fostering healthier group
  • Increasing commitment

Building Trust

  • Reframing to give customers options and make them feel in control
  • Using questions to establish needs and getting into habit of acknowledging
  • Handling irate customers

Growth Mindset

  • Developing a stronger sense of purpose
  • Becoming more open to change and continuous improvement