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Xempli is a scenario-based training platform that uses story-telling and behavioural science to embed service culture across your team.

Service culture in seven weeks

The metrics our seven-week customer service training program impacts and the issues we address.

Net Promoter Score

  • Handle situations where there are conflicting priorities
  • Apply judgement to identify flawed process/policy
  • Influencing skills
  • Deepen sense of ownership to ensure a “perfect landing”​

People Engagement

  • Create a supportive and motivating environment
  • Encourage career ownership
  • Give people context and meaning
  • Make team members feel they are on a shared journey


  • Reduce error/rework rates
  • Work with people and teams across silos
  • Foster “problem-seeking” mindsets
  • Keep customers happy even when you have to say “no”

Why Xempli?

We make the leader the hero

Xempli works because we put you, the leader, in charge of your team’s training.

You set the tone, make it real and drive excellence into everyday behaviour.

Train together to strengthen together

Behavioural science says that “teams that train together, perform better together.”

Xempli lets your people practice trackling tricky customer service scenarios together as a team.

Gain insight into what people are thinking

At the end of the customer service training program, you get a picture of your team’s strengths and improvement opportunities.

Use this data to address blind spots and continue to improve as a team.

Leaders share their experience

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Bring remote teams together in a meaningful way

Xempli promotes conversation at deeper level, enabling teams to bond despite physical distances.

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See the platform in action

Powered by Behavioural Science

Xempli uses the biggest ideas in behavioral science to amplify your customer service teams.


Xempli strengthens brain functions responsible for essential skills such as empathy and judgement.

Cognitive Flexibility

Scenarios crystalise what ‘unacceptable’ looks like—making it harder to rationalise poor behaviour.

Spaced Repetition

Short, sharp sessions delivered over a long period of time forms neuro-pathways for permanent change.

Ego Depletion

Through practice the right thing do happens more often, not just on the good days.

The Whole Brain

Feel, hear, see and choose—Xempli opens up the entire brain to key messages.

Herding Instinct

Xempli calibrates group norms to gel people towards the right behaviour.

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